Singapore Airlines'
New Distribution Capability (NDC)
Technology that empowers you to deliver superior customer experiences
At Singapore Airlines, we take great pride in offering personalised service that our customers have come to know and love. That’s why we’ve developed APIs based on IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) that will help our partners do the same on their platforms.
With our NDC APIs, you’ll enjoy direct access to Singapore Airlines’ full suite of fares, products and offers. More importantly, you’ll get to offer your customers the complete Singapore Airlines' flight experience—including ancillary products—in a more personalised way.
Benefits for you
Improve competitiveness
  • Get direct access to Singapore Airlines’ full suite of fares, products and offers, including branded fares and ancillary products.
Boost agent productivity
  • Search, manage, and book inventory in one place. Plus, browse flights and ancillary products via our simple, user-friendly interface.
Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Go beyond booking seats—offer your customers a complete flight experience with multiple amenities and services.
Flexible API features to support your business
  • ARC/BSP Cash and Credit Card settlement
  • Direct Credit Card settlement without ARC/BSP
  • “Book and hold” deferred payment
  • Instant payment
  • Cancellation and refunds
Search and book
  • Search and retrieve all published and exclusive fares
  • Search for fares via a calendar
  • Sell ancillary services (seats and bags) during and post-booking
  • Offer dynamic and personalised discounts for flights and ancillary products
  • Sell third party ancillaries (Coming soon)
  • Use promo codes (Coming soon)
  • Enjoy rich content and information (Coming soon)
  • Process mileage accrual
  • Receive disruption messaging
  • Change and reissue itineraries
Get started
Just three steps to connect you to a world of possibilities.
  1. Choose how you wish to connect
    • Connect directly to Singapore Airlines’ NDC
      Highly flexible capabilities, but requires you to have dedicated technical resources for integration. Recommended for large travel agencies.
    • Connect via a Singapore Airlines’ NDC partner
      Work with one of Singapore Airlines’ trusted technology partners to help you enjoy the benefits of NDC.
    • Connect via your GDS service provider
    • Connect via our Travel Agency Website - AGENT 360
      Speak to your SIA account managers to find out more how you can gain access to this travel agency platform.
  2. Agree to the terms of Singapore Airlines' NDC Passenger Sales Agreement during registration for AGENT 360. Contact your SIA account manager to find out more about this process.
  3. Implement the Singapore Airlines’ NDC APIs. Do it yourself, or work with an approved NDC or GDS partners.
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