NDC: Frequently Asked Questions

Programme Background

What is NDC?

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program (NDC Program) launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). The NDC Standard enhances the capability of communications between the airlines and travel agents which will transform the way air products are retailed to the consumers.

For more information on IATA’s NDC Program, please refer to IATA’s program page available at https://www.iata.org/whatwedo/airline-distribution/ndc/Pages/default.aspx

Is SIA NDC Certified by IATA?

SIA has obtained NDC@Scale Certification from IATA.

Is the KrisConnect programme related to NDC?

Yes, the KrisConnect Programme is conceptualized to make information and functionality of SIA’s digital platforms readily available to third parties, including agents and distribution intermediaries, via Application Program Interface (API) technology. These APIs, which include those following IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards, allow partners to access a wide range of functionalities including the booking and management of flights, checking of flight status information, KrisFlyer-related information and more. Please click here to download our SIA KrisConnect Deck.

Is the KrisConnect Programme available to all SIA markets?

Yes, the KrisConnect Programme is available to all SIA markets. However, certain new content that are made available under the Programme will be launched progressively, market by market. For queries regarding your market rollout, please contact your respective SIA Account Manager(s).

Is SIA on the IATA leaderboard?

Yes, SIA is on the IATA leaderboard to signal our commitment to invest in this channel to drive better content and value for partners across the supply chain. 


Technology, technical capabilities

What technology provider is SIA using?

SIA is working with Amadeus, leveraging their latest Amadeus Altea NDC verbs, v18.1.

I am already connected to Farelogix, does SIA work with Farelogix?

SIA currently does not work with Farelogix for our NDC technology.


Can we service NDC bookings?

Yes. SIA’s NDC technology includes a set of servicing APIs that allows you to make changes to the bookings, perform cancellation, refunds and more. For cases that cannot be supported by the APIs, a servicing support helpdesk can help to facilitate the change. 


Can we book private fares through NDC?

Yes. In general, private fares are supported in NDC with the exception of the following categories:

  • Fare mark-ups
  • Fares requiring tour code for retrieval
  • Group fares

Can we make group bookings through NDC?

No, we do not support group bookings through NDC at the moment.


Can NDC fulfil our mid/back office processes?

SIA currently does not work with a mid/back office provider to provide a mid/back office solution for NDC transactions. Should this be a key requirement, you will have to work with a technology provider that can fulfil your requirement. 


I have integrated with Airline X that uses v17.2 standards. Can I still integrate with SIA and does it require a lot of effort?

Yes, definitely. You can still integrate with SIA even though the standards version differs. You may however require more effort as there are some slight nuances between the 2 versions. SIA has integrated with many partners that are using multiple standards versions and there have been no issues till date.


What are the Form of Payment (FOP) accepted?

Travel agents can opt to transact SIA’s NDC content through Direct Customer Credit Card Settlement or through BSP Billing that supports both Customers Credit Card and Cash.


How will SIA control agent’s ticket stock on the NDC programme?

If agents opt to transact via BSP Billing, prevailing BSP guidelines on ticket stock control will apply. Ticket stock control will be aligned for both NDC and non-NDC channels if settlement is via BSP.

If agents opt to transact via Direct Credit Card Settlement, SIA will monitor and control the ticket stock accordingly.



What additional content is SIA offering in the NDC channel?

In general, new content that SIA introduces will only be made available in the NDC channel. Broadly, here are the various categories of content that would be made exclusively available in the NDC channel. More will be included as our product roadmap develops.


Will there be special fares exclusive to NDC?

Agents can look forward to access on the widest range of fares in the NDC channel. Furthermore, agents can work with SIA to curate personalised offers tailored for their customers.


Can we service NDC bookings?

Yes. SIA’s NDC technology includes a set of servicing APIs that allows you to make changes to the bookings, perform cancellation, refunds and more. For cases that cannot be supported by the APIs, a servicing support helpdesk can help to facilitate the change. 


When will SIA start rolling out fares exclusive to NDC?

The rollout is done on a market by market basis. In the Singapore market, agents who have onboarded the KrisConnect Programme can look forward to enjoy exclusive content from 01 Apr 2020.


Are there any exclusive content already available today?

SIA’s ancillary products (seats, bags etc..) are only available for sale in the NDC channel. In addition, SIA introduces tactical fare promotions in the NDC channel on a periodic basis.


Will corporate discounts be reflected in NDC?

Yes, corporate fares (including the discounts you enjoy) can be transacted through NDC.


Will SIA interline fares be included?

SIA interline fares bookable on SQ codeshare flight are currently available on SIA NDC Programme.

SIA will work with interline partners to avail interline fares on non-codeshare flights via the NDC Programme progressively.



Commercials, Agreements

Do I receive more incentives from SIA by transacting via NDC?

SIA is open to negotiate incentive arrangements with agents. Please approach your respective account manager(s) for discussions.


Why do I have to sign a NDC agreement with SIA?

The NDC agreement details certain terms and conditions, including negotiated commercial arrangements that have to be agreed upon before an agent can transact through the channel.


How long does it take to process the agreements after we have submitted the documents?

The time taken to process the NDC agreement is approximately one month. However, this is also dependent on the GDSs or technology providers’ abilities to expedite access for you. Please refer to the onboarding processes for more details.


What is the validity period of the NDC agreement?

The NDC agreement will continue until it has been terminated by either party. SIA holds the right to amend the conditions of sale on products made available through the NDC channel.


Will there be changes to my commercial models with the GDSs?

SIA is not privy to your arrangements with the GDSs. For these discussions, please approach your respective GDS Account Manager(s). 



Technology partners, onboarding process

How can agents connect to SIA NDC programme?

There are four ways for agents to consume SIA NDC content:

  • Direct connection to Singapore Airlines’ NDC
  • Transact via our agency portal AGENT 360
  • Connect via your GDS service provider
  • Connect via an approved Singapore Airlines’ NDC partner

When will the travel agency portal be ready for booking?

The booking portal will be launched to different markets progressively in 2020 and 2021. Please speak to your account manager for more information.


Will there be any differences in content based on my mode of connection?

No, the content across the various modes of connection is similar. There may however be differences in commercial arrangements. Please approach your SIA Account Manager(s) for further discussions.


Where can I obtain the list of approved technology providers?

The list of approved technology partners can be found here.